Eso Bohemia Regent

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Sarah & Jessica Harrison's beloved Eso passed away on Friday evening.

He will be greatly missed by all of the family.
Mike Woodhouse

A Ridley riddle

I was just wondering why your stud is called Ridley? Is it named from a famous dog?
Or the Protestant martyr?!
Your website, and your dogs, are wonderful!
Marion Vandome

Jayne's Puppy

I have been speaking to Jayne Rusby and she has sent me to your site and all I can say is you have beautiful dogs...
We have bought one of Vera's puppies and are hopefully going to be showing her if she makes the grade.
I look forward to being introduced to you through Jayne and will be looking at your trimming to give me some inspiration on how to trim to perfection.
Thank you.
Caroline Smith


Your site is excellent.

I am researching a shortlist of breeds as I intend to move full-time to the countryside in 12 months. I have been interested in the breed since seeing it at Discover Dogs and will definitely pursue later next year.

Congratulations on your dogs and your advocacy.
David Lamb


We have Jess who is 6 years old now. She is so much part of the family and is my best friend. I have never known a dog more tolerant of children. They have so much personality. Are they being bred more now in the U.K than they were 6 years ago?
Julie Nicholson

Only a pet

I've been reading your 'only a pet' page and sat and sobbed. At last I've found a breeder who backs up everything I've been saying about breeding dogs.

I've learned recently about people I've known who say their pups are kept in the house, but it turns out to be everyone else's house as bitches in whelp are farmed out to be whelped and reared elsewhere; of people who breed continually year on year and always seem to have puppies available but who won't acknowledge that they are the cause of the problem.

I write for OD and am becoming very disillusioned with aspects of the dog game. However, I think I've worked hard and studied hard and perhaps deserve what I consider to be an accolade of being allowed to judge peoples' dogs. Therefore the terrier in me refuses to give it all up. Dogs are my life and I'd be lost without them.

Sorry to waffle, but I am very impressed by your website and the knowledge and love you portray. I'd like to bet that not everyone who wants a Ridley, gets a Ridley!

Despite not being a Cesky owner (yet?), I'd like to thank you so much for being one of the few 'real' breeders and I shall say so in print in my next article.

Kind regards
Kim Lathaen

our beloved Cesky diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago...with a 3 month prognosis...lasting 2 years

Dear family and friends,
With piercing grief, we put our loyal, devoted, adored Cesky, Charlie down yesterday at home. Our dear vet, on his day off, agreed to come in the morning. There must be a positive side to feeling such a painful depth of emotion and I suppose it is the ability to love someone so much. Both Leeds and I know eventually, the most wonderful memories will surface. For now we only have one member of the Velcro Boys to help console us. Hug your loved ones.
Kate Disston


Very well done Sheila, articles and pictures are very well done. At this time Sambarbs has 4 CT's 2 dogs & 2 bitches
Barbara Hopler

Your Website

What a great website! Your dedication to the breed comes through on every page. I have a Cesky, my first, and I love him. I would love to get a girl and try showing here in the US. One more comment: I visited Prague with my students in April and looked everywhere but saw nothing Cesky! Thanks for a great website.
Wendy Turgeon

Cesky Terriers

My wife Sandy and I are becoming involved with Cesky Terriers because they never fail to delight us. We wish to approach this enterprise in the most professional manner possible.
We own RYLANDSON ZELENY AKR, that we purchased in '10 from Lyn Taylor. He is so much fun! Is he related to your dogs?
Gregg Bridge-Chase

New Litter

Hello Sheila,
We met at Crufts a couple of years ago when we were looking for a dog and you very kindly provided some help and advice. We couldn't get a Cesky at that time because there were simply not many around. We chose instead a Wire Fox Terrier called Gracie. She is almost 2 now and we will soon be considering a companion for her. She is not your typical WFT as she is very placid with other dogs, hopefully due to the way she has been brought up!

Just wanted to pass on my congratulations on such a large litter for a Cesky. Hope Mum and the brood are doing well.
Stephen Stuchbury


Hi Sheila,
A quick note to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your website. The fine photos and information you have provided truly show how much you care about our delightful breed. Thank you so much!
Kathy Reed


Dear Mrs Atter
We hope you are well.
I was thinking about Freddie and wondering if he was growing and liking his new name.
Tom Jervis

Maisie and pups

Hi Sheila
Congrats to Emily on winning her first Championship show BOB!
Glad to hear the pups are doing well and growing by the day.
Keep well!
Denae Lingenfelder

Sister of Emily

I was surfing on the internet for breeders of the Cesky Terriers when I found your site.

I own 3 Ceskys and one of them, Escada Day Break, is the sister of Emily. Ecada is the same kind of dog as Emiely. We have also a Cesky of the same age as Emily - her name is Garex Eleonora and she was bred by Gaby van Ruiten. If you are interested I send you some fotographs . Wish you good luck this year,
Hennie Meijer

Puppy Waiting Lists

Hello! I have really enjoyed your web site and all the useful information it contains.
I found out about the Cesky at Discover Dogs last year and have read a lot about them since.
I wanted to ask, how do I find out about puppies in the UK. Is there a central waiting list? I hope to be able to adopt a puppy later in 2012.
best wishes,


Good morning
I would like some advice please Sheila. David and I decided we would like to try to get Celeste made up to either a French or Belgian champion. We have been waiting for the new quarantine regs before doing anything. That was our plan until your Danish friend spoke to me yesterday to tell me how much she liked Celeste. That got me thinking Danish and would I be right in thinking you did the champion bit over there in a long weekend? So the help I would like is some advice on which would be the best country and basically how to go about it all - if you have the time I would be really grateful for some pointers.

Cesky Terriers

Hello Sheila,

I have spent all evening on your website and have loved every minute. You sound like a fantastic breeder who is dedicated to the breed, and the kind who I'd like to have a puppy from and remain in touch with for the many years to come.

Kindest Regards,
Alison Dalziel


I am a dog groomer and very recently had my very first Cesky visit my salon. I have found your website very useful in assisting me with a back ground on the breed and achieving the breed standard trim as many of my grooming manuals did not include this lovely dog. I have now fallen in love with the breed and would be really interested in knowing whenever you may have some puppies for sale or an older dog which needs re-homing at any point in the future.
Many thanks
Jo Coveney


What lovely photos of your dogs on view. I remember seeing a couple of them at Crufts one year, in the part where the public can view them. Such lovely soft fur and lovely temperament. They seemed very calm...

Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2011

Congratulations with the results of your magnificent Cesky's at the Eurodogshow Kortrijk - Belgium 2011. It was a pleasure meeting you and your friend there again.
All the best !


Excellent website, your passion shines through!
Mark Walshaw (Janmark Bedlington Terriers)

your website,

I have just got to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, and your dogs' blog as well, it is always interesting,
Jayne Rusby

Cesky Terriers

Dear Sheila Atter,
Due to Michael Weser of Cesky Dreams' website and his links, I had a look at your wonderful website and the description of this lovely breed. We are in the possession of a Cesky, which I even had ordered in Czechoslovakia, via an owner who had a bitch – but never had a litter at the age of 9 years – in the spring of 2003. Andy was then born on 13.10.2003 and my husband was looking forward to his birth as a "young father", who never had a son (we have 2 lovely grown-up girls)! The loyalty, charming character & intense love of Andy the Cesky, guided him through a difficult period of his life and gave him a new swing & outlook for the future years to come.
The Cesky is a wonderful companion, obedient, full of humour, very alert & sensitive and above all truly loyal to his "parents". Thank you very much for the wonderful description of this outstanding breed and I also wish that Andy will stay with us for many years .
Kind regards from Belgium,
Stella Beckker

Discover Dogs 2011

I love the blog of your Cesky Terriers - -they are wonderful, exciting little people.
I wondered if there will be a Cesky Terrier stand at Discover Dogs 2011, 12/13 November.
Oli Neave


They are lovely and its nice to see they just love the life... well done on all your awards xx


Love the new boy. Think he is just the ticket.
You are doing so well with him. Hopefully one day we will meet up.

Aust. Ch. Ridley Hadanka Peppaz

It is with deep sorrow I inform you of the passing of "Hannah"in her sleep at the age of 14 1/2 She has left a great void in my life but has also left a legacy as her Great Grand Son has done a lot winning; groups, classes, BEST in SHOW, Best of Breed at the SYDNEY ROYAL and in the final 8 of the Terrier Group 2009. He is CH Bartighund Murphy's Law. He has a son now who is just 12 weeks old and getting ready for the show ring - his name is Chalan Silber Jakub.
Murphy's Grand Father was Grand CH Peppaz
Melody In Blue, Australia's first Gr Ch Cesky Terrier.
We may not have a big gene pool but we have wonderful loving dogs .
Pat Sherman, Australia

My own Cesky !

After owning some Cavalier King Charles (of which I was so found) I decided to have a Cesky ... what a change ! She is now going on to have 8 yrs in November, and I will say she is the best dog I have ever owned, she is such a sweetheart ... We are a real pair : she knows everything, she understands everything, I am 80yrs and without her I would be nuts since a long time ! Very few people know about Cesky, most are surprised when I tell the story of the bread, here in Belgium they are very rare and difficult to find, mine comes from Germany, perhaps she is the only one here ?
Mireille Anne de Mulder


I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the time you spent talking to me at Discover Dogs at Crufts.
As much as everyone thought I would, you will be pleased to know I managed to avoid stealing a Cesky from anyone and have decided to put my name on a puppy list and wait for my very own Cesky instead.
Again thanks for putting up with me and the 400 times I visited!
Allison Potts

Love your dogs

Met my first Cesky at a show in NZ, and what a fabulous breed. I love your website - it is very informative. Good luck in the show ring in the future.
Helen Y


Owned a Cesky for 15years. We lost her about 6mos ago-old age (We are still heartbroken & missing her soo much
Rob & Susan McCulloch


I am enjoying your comments on this blog.. well done.. love you dogs too.. good luck at Crufts
Jan Dykema


I love this new babe. He looks a little cracker.
Best wishes for a successful year.
Dorothy Quelch

General Chat

Hi Sheila..I dont think you will remember me but we were introduced at Crufts a few years ago by David Hunt...I was showing my Borders! I am no longer involved with the show world...after 50 odd years of working my dogs the show world was never really for me.I still have a Parson in my kennel that is coming on well in the working side of things but I stopped breeding them years ago even though the Russell was my 1st dog 55 years ago (God how time fly's).My working team consists of Borders, a Parson, and a recent addition...a TeckelxRussell who is fantastic! They now hunt rabbit,mink,rats...I'm too old for digging now ha. Are there any Cesky people who actually work their dogs and do they still retain the hunting instinct? I find the breed very attractive but I do like a dog to have the ability to do what it was bred for.The Border is quickly going on the road to ruin and I have come across so many that have no hunting instinct and are hyper and ready to not a Border. I would be grateful to have your opinion on the Cesky....and I do enjoy your articles in Dog World...the only thing I do read in the paper to be honest.
Take care and best wishes
John Earl

Any puppies out there?

We are still looking for a replacement for dear Ridley Karel. Please let me know when you hear of any puppies through the grapevine.
Tricia Hylton


I am so impressed with your website. It has covered so much and been so honest. Thank you for your time and effort ..

Kindest regards
Jo Davidson-Poston

Merry Christmas

Hi Sheila, just thought l would let you know how super your site is. l have just been looking through it & doing a bit of reminiscing. l must say you live in an idyllic part of the country, anyway just thought l would send you a line hoping you are all well & thanks for your xmas message. Keep up the good work.
Sandra Obrey


Excellent site Sheila, very informative, one of the best I have seen!
Enjoyed my time browsing it, great detail & photos!
Mark Walshaw (Janmark Bedlington Terriers)

Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2010

Dear Mrs. Atter,
We've met at the Eurdogshow in Kortrijk last weekend. We've had a nice chat about the Cesky's and you were so kind to show us your most beautiful dogs. Maybe you remember us : we were the family with the 3 children (two girls and a boy, our youngster). As we've been telling, we've already choosen The Cesky as one of the possible breeds for our next dog, based on character and some physics. After seeing 5 Cesky Dogs live at the Eurodogshow, we made up our mind : a Cesky it'll be. Although your dogs are truly for our taste the most beautiful ones we've seen so far, we'll be looking at breeders more nearby from where we live, as for practical reasons. It's a bit of a big trip to where you live and the Channel is between us. If you should live more nearby, we think we surely would buy a pup from you if possible. BUT : would you be so kind to let us know if you have litters on the way... ? Maybe we could work something out then. After our short conversation last sunday, we believe that you have good pups.
With kind regards
Fabienne and Peter and kids
Family de Brabandere, Belgium

HOLLY (Olivia)

Hollly is enjoying life to the full, recently went with Blue (her collie friend) to Somerset where she met and made friends with Cookie, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel- they became very good friends and went lot of walks in the fields playing "chase me" She made lots of other friends around the village too. Love to all the Cesky family.
Eunice Evans

Discover Dogs

Hi Sheila, just wanted to know if you are attending Discover Dogs this year? You probably won't remember me but you helped put me in touch with Beverly Deacon, to get our much loved Cesky - Baxi (Cassencarrie Czech Room) who will be 7 next month. We will be attending and would love to talk Cesky as we are considering getting a companion for Baxi.
Simon Sukonik

Hadanka - another Aussie CT

My friend Pat Sherman has the little girl you bred 14yrs ago, Hadanka . Thought you might want to know that she is still going strong and outsmarting the younger dogs!! I have 2 Ceskys that have your breeding in their lines. Love the breed, love my dogs.
Robina Hodgson

Thank you

I am presently aspiring in the Terrier Group for my Terrier Group Licence, in Sydney, Australia. One of the rarer breeds, namely the Cesky Terrier, required much research in order to produce the required 500 word essay to replace both the lecture, & the lack of actual Cesky Terriers for us to train on. During my research I came across your website which I found to be very informative, particularly where you've highlighted the important key points judges should be paying attention to.

Thank you for your input into my education, and I trust it may help me to become a better judge of your lovely breed.
Leah Ryan

My Aussie Cesky

I purchased a Cesky pup from the Australian breeder Demilo (Ann Reeves) around 6 years ago. We named our boy Scorrie (after Scorra Braec, the Nicolson homeland on the Isle of Skye) and I have never been so close to a dog. What a fantastic companion dog! I just wish there were more opportunities to breed in Australia.
Belinda Nicolson-Guest

Bertie Biggles

Just stumbled across your website again and think it is GREAT. Obviously you've taken a lot of time and care with it. Bertie Biggles, I bought him from you in 1999, is still doing well and is a superlative creature: he keeps me constantly amused, is dearly loved, and is still in robust health. He sits at my feet as I write. May see you at the Bournemouth Show.
Elaine Money


Hi Sheila, just found the website, Chez is sat with me as I'm sending this, he's an old man now(16 yrs) & quite stiff, but still gets about, he still misses Mala as we all do. Keep up the good work.
Sandra Obrey

Merry Christmas!

Congratulations for your ceskies! They are wonderful!
Best regards from Spain and Merry Christmas!!


Hi Sheila;)
You have nice site of Ceskies. My Ceskies and I send greetings to you and your Ceskies.
Tuulikki Korpio

CT Owner

Hi Sheila
I found your website a couple of years ago when I was looking for a dog and I fell in love with Cesky Terriers. Since then I've bought two Ceskies, one now 2yrs the other just 4 months old, both are wonderful members of our family.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Irene Kelly


I am delighted that this little boy is improved
A sick puppy is heart wrenching
Jean Hester


Palma looks as though she was doing a good job as well as enjoying it.


I was tickled to see that Olivia had her puppies and trust they are all doing fine.
Jean Hester

Your gang

Hi Sheila,
Just had a look at your web site as I haven't seen it for a while. It's looking good. Well as you know Poppy and Rowan are now over a year old and still keeping us on our toes. They have done well this year at the shows and we are looking forward to next year's shows.
All the best for 2009


This is a breed I've become interested to have as a pet. Your information concerning the Cesky
terrier breed is well presented and greatly appreciated.
Mel Bornstein

Ceskys Rule

Just read the Darlington results and wanted to say well done to Gloria for winning the veteran terrier group. Fantastic (and Dufek getting Group 4)
Good luck for Driffield.
Linda and David

The Ridley Gang

Just checking in on The Ridley Gang and thrilled to see how well everyone is doing in the Show Ring, particularly the "Glorious Gloria" who is only getting her just desserts in my humble opinion - A BIG Fan as you know ha ha!!!

Will check back soon for more news!!!


Such lovely dogs, stunning to look at. We enjoyed meeting them at this year's Discover Dogs, Crufts. Hoping one day we will be the proud owner of one!

Cesky Love

Dear Sheila,
What a nice homepage!!! It's very good and beautiful pictures. I have two "Cesky-Mix-Ladies", Luna & Soleil. The father is a cesky and the mother a west highland. They are nine years old and in the future i will absolute a cesky - even if the grooming is very hard all dree weeks ;o)) But I love this breed of dogs!
Best wishes to you
Your "fan"


Sheila- just been looking at the results for SKC, and congratulations for your lovely win with PAMATKA , well worth the long trip then!
Vanessa Cox

Love The Site

Just visited the site and thought it was great, we are considering getting a cesky to go with our Scottie, Again Great Site


Hi Sheila
Just thought I would say hello and let the Cesky people know that Arran(Oneva Bdit) is still causing trouble as only a Cesky can among the gundogs. He now lives with us, as my Father passed away and Arran has taken to the wide open spaces we have quite happily. We keep thinking about taking him out into the veteran classes, but we would have to stop him digging and generally chasing anything which passes him by! What a wonderful breed. He is happy & healthy so who knows?
Carol Henry

Merry Christmas

To wish you and all at Ridley a very Happy Christmas and a Successful 2008.
Best wishes and love

Discover Dogs - Sunday 11 November

It was such a pleasure meeting you on Sunday and speaking about your beautiful dogs.

I wanted to thank you for your time and kindness. It was a wonderful experience for me to see the Cesky Terrier for the first time and meet with a lady like you who has such a genuine love for her dogs and a passion for the breed.
Samantha Horsthuis

Newthatch Festival Ridley

Hi, I have just found your new site and noticed that Zcela was mentioned in the parentage of the new puppies.
You may remember we got her when you were in Pirton.
Karin Neale

Just saying hello

Sheila -- Roswitha Wick told me about your site, and so I thought I'd stop by and check it out. And I'm glad I did ... it's a well-thought out body of information.

Hope all is going well with you. Sorry I couldn't make Cesky Days this year. But this damn job gets in the way sometimes ...
John Cross

Cesky Terrier and AKC

I love the Cesky pictures. I am the owner of two Standard Schnauzers. My male is an AKC champion and his daughter is being shown. She has one AKC major win.
Will the Cesky someday soon be recognized by the AKC? I really hope so.
Geary Nixon

The Gang

Sheila, Have just spent a while viewing the gang. John came to look as well and said I do miss my boy. I think he is very tempted, ME too, but common sense must prevail. I was most impressed, look forward to seeing them.

thank you

Hi Sheila, we met you at Crufts on Sunday among hundreds of other people!! What a great day it was too but meeting you and your wonderful Ceskys was a highlight (you might remember me I asked you to walk them for me so I could see how they moved and you were trying to eat a sandwich? ) Think we will be in touch about a puppy in the future, we were all captivated by your wonderful dogs. Many thanks for introducing me to the breed, regards
Lynda Leddington


Hello Sheila,
We have a new Cesky Terrier website and we put a link to your site on it.
Dianfi Cesky Terrier
Anne and Tella

love your dogs!

They are really characterful! They've certainly kept the Scotty look but with a softer expression. Amazing! Hope to see one somewhere and I'll be able to say "I do like your spunky little Ridley Cesky" Won't they be impressed!:)
Ruth Chesney

Merry Christmas

Merry, healthy and calm Christmas and Happy New Year 2007 !
Wishing Mariola & Piotr - kennel "Day Break" (Poland)


Hi Sheila,

viele Grusse von Christina of Cesky Dream's an deine Cesky.Leider kann ich kein englisch.Ich glaub wir haben uns in Poznan kennengelernt.

Liebe Grusse
Andrea,Ustinow(AT)und Christina


We have a Cesky cross Jack Russell called Stan that we have had for three and a half years. He is a complete scruffball, cesky sized and colour and the most lovable, calm, sweet natured with dogs and people, cdog ever. I figure it has to be the Cesky part of him as those traits aren't always at the top of every Jack Russell's list of priorities! His best friend is our Great Dane bitch Millie. I just wondered how often puppies became available as, based on the evidence of Stan, I'd love a Cesky.
Caron Bentley


Thank you for a visit in a website. Salutation


Hi Sheila Just looked at your site. We would love another Monty. Still miss him a lot. Lovely to see yours. Best wishes

Wonderful ceskys

Your ceskies are great. Just read an article written by you in a magazine printed last year. We met at Cruft's - we have a Richardson puppy and are in love with the breed
Linda Burrage