The Ridley Family


Erb Lovu zdar

The first Cesky Terrier to arrive in the UK was Erb Lovu zdar, imported by Liz and Harold Gay. He later came to live with the Ridley gang.

Doris z Antuszy

Doris z Antuszy at Malsville and Ridley was the very first of the Ridley Cesky Terriers - she was bred in Poland. She was the dam of the Ridley 'A', 'C' and 'E' litters.

Mala del Monte Malsville for Ridley

Mala del Monte Malsville for Ridley was imported from the then Czechoslovakia and whelped the Malsville 'A' litter in quarantine. She then came to Ridley, where she was the dam of my 'B', 'D' and 'F' litters.

Photo by Alan Walker

Cedr Prasek

Cedr Prašek was born in the Czech Republic, but came to me via the USA. Unfortunately he suffered from Scottie Cramp, so was never bred from.

Drina Da-Vo Ridley

Drina Da-Vo Ridley also came from the Czech Republic via the USA. She was the dam of the Ridley 'Z' litter.

Ano del Monte

Ano del Monte was imported from the Czech Republic by Tony and Beryl Gidziewicz. She came to live at Ridley when they went to live in Spain.

Abba Melina Bohemica

Abba Melina Bohemica was imported from the Czech Republic by the late Brenda Jones. Brenda generously gave her to me after I had handled her to Top Bitch in 2002. Abba was my 'once in a lifetime' dog. Sadly, she never had puppies.

Ned/Lux Ch Stanislav Kvitko

Ned/Lux Ch Stanislav Kvitko was the first of my imports from the world-famous Kvitko kennel of Jitka Paulinova in the Czech Republic. He sired the Woodstrode 'A' litter.

Kralovna Kvitko

Kralovna Kvitko was imported by Sally Brown. She was handled throughout her show career by me, and lived with the Ridley gang. She had two litters - the first, born at Ridley but whilst she was in Sally's ownership, the second the Ridley 'P' litter.