The Ridley Family

Stud Dogs

The Cesky Terrier has a very small gene pool, and over use of a few stud dogs can quickly lead us into a genetic bottleneck. Because of this I have made a point of seeking out males that have not been used too frequently. Amongst these are:

Oneva Demon Malsville, sire of the Ridley 'L' litter, went on to be Top Stud for several years running.
Sire: Nor Kvitko
Dam: Int Ch Drahousek Brusinka del Monte at Oneva

Photograph taken at nine years old

Woodstrode Artus

Woodstrode Artuš, sire of the Ridley 'O' litter was spotted at Crufts by Jitka Paulinova. She felt that he would be the ideal partner for Gloria, and allowed this lovely bitch to come over to the UK specifically to be mated to him.
Sire: Ned/Lux Ch Stanislav Kvitko
Dam: Ridley Jitka at Woodstrode

Milenka's Hector in Act Four

Milenka's Hector in Act Four, sire of the Ridley 'P' litter came to live in the UK from his native Canada for one year. This was the only litter he sired in this country.
Sire: Alchemy Milenka von Wochein
Dam: Milenka Kvitko

Woodstrode Drak of Kohima

Woodstrode Drak of Kohima, sire of the Ridley 'R' litter.
Sire: Lastarean Dufek ShCM
Dam: Oneva Dolly at Woodstrode