A Dog For All Reasons

The Cesky Terrier can turn his hand to most things!

The Cesky Terrier was designed as a multi-purpose breed: a keen hunter in the forest tracking deer and wild boar, a loving and obedient family pet, and a glamorous, but easily prepared show dog.

Palma (Ridley Pamatka) is a fully accredited member of the Press Pack. Her assignments have included Crufts, where she attended the daily press conference and blogged about this famous show from a dog's point of view.

She also interviewed Celeste (Vandell Sweet Song at Sametova) who is a PAT dog, visiting hospitals with her owner Linda Burrage.

Meet some of her other Cesky friends who are equally talented in a variety of spheres.


Lexie (Veltrusy Besinka) is probably the only Cesky Terrier in the UK that is used for hunting in the traditional way. When a wounded deer moves out of sight she will track the blood scent, then bay to alert the hunter.

Photo courtesy of Mark Elliott


Ces (Ridley Javor) exemplifies the all-purpose Cesky Terrier, successfully competing in Agility, Obedience, Junior Handling and Conformation. He was the first Cesky Terrier to win the KC Gold Good Citizen Award.

Photo courtesy of Russell Marett

Erik, (Dk Ch Oneva Eduard Malsville) in the awards line up at an Obedience Competition organised by the Danish Terrier Club - his first attempt at this discipline.

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Toftkjaer

Best of all, the Cesky Terrier likes to be a part of his family. When properly socialised, Cesky Terriers will even accept cats and other small furry animals! Non-shedding, easily trained and intensely loyal, they are ideally suited to life as a pet as Tarka (Ridley Radost) demonstrates.

Photo courtesy of Sam Phelps