On Tour

We enjoy entering shows in Europe as well as in the UK

In order to travel throughout Europe each dog must be vaccinated against Rabies, and must then obtain a Pet Passport. There are strict rules about travelling abroad with pets.

We have been quite successful!

Dog shows in Europe are slightly different from those in the UK, and are organised under the rules of the Federation Cynologique International (FCI).

At International Shows two different awards are on offer - the CAC (equivalent to the British CC) which is a national award, and the CACIB which is granted by the FCI. Four CACIBs are needed to beome an International Champion. They must be gained in three different countries, from three different judges, and there must be at least one year and one day between the first and last awards.

Each country has different rules for making up a National Champion, but in most cases three or four CACs are required.

For breeds such as the Cesky Terrier, entering shows in Europe means that there is a chance to make up a champion - something not possible in the UK as the breed is not given CC status here.

We have shown in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Ireland.

Although it is a member of the FCI Ireland has a slightly different system, and a dog must win 7 Green Stars to become a champion.