If you are interested in having a Ridley Cesky Terrier at some point in the future please get in touch
Please take time to consider if the Cesky Terrier is the right breed to join your family. You may find it useful to read this and this

The Cesky Terrier is not a typical terrier in temperament. If you are looking for a feisty, 'in your face' kind of dog, the Cesky Terrier is definitely not for you. However, if you are seeking an obedient, loyal and loving companion - but at the same time, fun-loving and with a sense of humour - the Cesky Terrier might just be the right breed .

Nadherna Nina Ridley

I rarely breed a litter, usually only when I want to keep a puppy for myself. I am committed to the welfare of this lovely and unique breed. The most important thing is, and has always been, my dogs and their welfare. They are much loved pets living with me, sharing and enriching my life. Although they are very successful at shows, my dogs are my companions first and foremost.

My dogs jump in puddles, race around , generally having a good time all together, then everyone enjoys being groomed, bathed and cosseted. I love showing them, meeting other breeders, people who are genuinely interested in the breed and want to learn more. My dogs enjoy showing as well and get excited as the preparations begin. If for some reason they are not completely at ease in the show ring environment (and some Cesky Terriers just do not enjoy the show ring) we find another activity that we can enjoy together.


All my Cesky Terriers are eye, patella and heart tested, and DNA profiled. They are registered with the Kennel Club and I am therefore governed by the KC Code of Ethics. I am also a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

I have two Breeder Accolades and have had two successful ABS assessments.

Prospective owners are vetted very strictly by me, as I hope I am by them. It is important to me that the right dog and its personality match the lifestyle and needs of the new owners.

Because the Cesky Terrier has such a small gene pool it is vitally important that quality dogs which can help to maintain our genetic diversity are not neutered at an early age, and I ask that all Ridley puppies sold to others return to be assessed for breeding potential before neutering is considered. I do place endorsements on all my puppies to ensure their wellbeing. The endorsements can and will be lifted by me, if and when appropriate. People who are genuine and who care will understand my concerns and will be happy to discuss their hopes and plans for their puppy’s future.

Every litter I breed is planned months, sometimes years in advance, and every puppy in every litter is important to me and to the breed as a whole.

I am always here with help and advice and should you ever need to re-home your Cesky Terrier at anytime I ask that you return it to me either to keep at Ridley, or to find a suitable new home. I also ask that you keep me updated as to their welfare and progress during the years. As their breeder I have a lifelong commitment - having delivered them safely into this world I continue to feel a responsibility during their lifetime.

It is important to me that my puppies go to good, permanent homes. After all, I took a lot of time and care over breeding and rearing them so I expect their new owners to take the same time and care over raising and training them. I love to hear from those who have a Ridley Cesky Terrier, and I am always at the end of the phone if new owners have any problems.

Photo by Ruth Dalrymple

Obroda, Gloria and Pamatka

Photo by Ruth Dalrymple