Nearly two weeks old!

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Maisie has proved to be the most wonderful mother and her pups are now almost two weeks old. They are fat and contented and like most Cesky Terrier pups are quite late opening their eyes.

At this stage it's too early to decide what colour they will end up. Genetically Tomáš is dark grey and Maisie is light grey with tan points, so the pups could be any combination of dark, mid or light grey, with or without tan.

Well we don't seem to have much in the way of tan - but what shade of grey they will be is anyone's guess at the moment.

Last weekend Emily won her first Championship show BOB, Erik returned home from Denmark and Ace went to his very first show - and qualified for Crufts!

Perhaps it's not surprising that there hasn't been much time to update the blog!

Emily waiting for the Group judging at Boston Championship Show