Deciding on New Homes

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The pups are growing up rapidly and it won't be long before they are going to their new homes.

So now comes the task of matching them to their new owners. An ethical breeder doesn't breed puppies just for money, especially in a rare breed like the Cesky Terrier. It's also important that consideration is given to maintaining the gene pool and ensuring that at least some of the pups will contribute to the future of the breed.

One of the nicest things about breeding is the people that you meet, and the pleasure of seeing them get to know their new puppy.

The pups met the first of these soon-to-be Cesky Terrier owners a couple of days ago; the ideal family, with a sensible youngster who asked intelligent questions, and handled the puppies gently. This is their puppy - he hasn't got a pet name yet, after all it takes time to come to an important decision like that, but his official name is Kilbarchan's Aristocrat.