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One of the nicest things about having a litter of puppies - the lovely photographs and messages that arrive via Facebook and email.

It looks as though Freddie is very 'helpful' around the garden!

Denae wrote about Ekimmu:
He loves chasing leaves and jumping into puddles. Actually, anything involving water makes him happy; drinking it, biting it, splashing it. I can’t wait to be able to take him to the beach once he has had all his inoculations.

I’ve started teaching him a few tricks! He is such a little pleaser and works very hard for his treats. He can ‘sit’, ‘belly-flop’ (lie down) and ‘stalk’ (crawl) on voice cues. With the help of treats he rolls left and right, plays ‘dead dog’, spin and twirl, and lift his paw. We have so much fun training, I love it!

I have to say I'm very impressed with all that Denae's achieved with Ekimmu - Anika is nowhere near as clever!

Here are the two brothers, Freddie and Ekimmu

It's amazing how often Cesky Terriers fall asleep like this, flat on their back and totally relaxed after a hard day's playing.