Cesky Days

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We've just returned from the 20th 'Days of the Cesky Terrier' held as usual at Hrdonov on the shores of Lake Lipno, in Southern Bohemia.

This year I took Erik and Pamatka and together we had a great time with so many Cesky friends. We shared an apartment with Jayne and Todd and Kirsten with Ace and Aja.

We had a go at the Working Test, where both my dogs gained 15 points - not a bad effort, although we were miles behind the leaders.

On Sunday, both were stars, gaining first place in their respective classes. Pamatka went on to win the CAC - and thus became a Czech Champion, the first British-bred and owned bitch to achieve this, so we are very proud of her. Todd won the dog CAC, so Jayne was equally happy.

Pamatka being measured during her bonitace

After the show on Sunday the bonitace was held. This is the examination that all dogs in the Czech Republic must pass before they are allowed to be used for breeding. It isn't necessary in the UK, but I always like to enter my dogs, as it proves to me that I am on the right lines with regard to the type that I am breeding.

It's a very thorough examination - the dogs are photographed in profile and from the front, they are weighed and measured, and every part of their anatomy assessed. There was a tense moment with Erik, as although he is by no means big compared with most dogs being shown in the UK, he is top size according to the breed standard. However, to the surprise of some who were watching, he weighed in at 9.7kgs - well under the 10kgs maximum, and both dogs passed with flying colours.