Goodbye Chico!

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It has been a very busy few weeks. I am on the committee of the East of England show, so the gang and I spent a week caravanning in the rain, in the run up to the show and for its duration. The weather caused the Committee a lot of problems, but we managed to keep going. Obviously I can't show my own dogs there - and the following weekend we were helping out our friends in Glen of Imaal Terriers with an eye testing session on the Saturday and examining for the Good Citizen award on Sunday.

Meanwhile the pups have been growing rapidly, learning new skills and experiencing more of the big wide world. Finally we have had a few days of sunshine and they have been able to get out and enjoy exploring the paddock.

The pups are now eight weeks old and Ridley Uragan (Chico) was the first to leave for his new home. He has gone to live with Jean McIntosh, who last year sadly lost her first Cesky Terrier, Charlie.

Charlie was born in quarantine in December 1996, and was one of the Oneva 'A' litter bred by Doreen Bright. I think, looking at this photo we can assume that Jean is happy to have another Cesky Terrier in her life and hopefully Chico will be as long-lived as Charlie.