What A Celebration!

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Back in May I decided that it was time for Gloria to retire from the show ring. She is still as beautiful as ever, and she sulks dreadfully when I get the show bag out, but don't take her.

She is now 11 and is slowing down just a tiny bit - and there are youngsters in the team that deserve the attention, so she has taken a back seat over the last few months. However, we couldn't let her retirement go by without marking the occasion somehow, and it seemed appropriate to choose the Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire's show for a party. Many of those attending have given her top honours over the years, and there were her terrier friends there as well. A magnificent chocolate cake was baked by Milly Jennings and enjoyed by everyone, and because chocolate isn't good for dogs, she sent a special slice of 'dog-friendly' cake for Gloria, along with a slice of bacon from the kitchen.

Everyone had a great time - including Gloria, who loved being the centre of attention again.