The Kids in Ireland

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Emily is spending some time in Ireland with Patrick and Janine Dooner. So far she has been to five shows, and has five Green Stars (the Irish equivalent of our CCs) and a Group shortlisting. Obviously she and Patrick make a good team.

Her son, Ridley Ulicnik, has been doing equally well, with several Best Baby awards, and at his first show in the Puppy Class, he came home with BD and the Dog Green Star - not bad for six months and three days old.

The following day, his sister Ulrika was BP and BPIS4 at Manchester Sporting Terrier Club.

And proving that Emily isn't just a pretty face, but is Supermum as well, Ridley Unikat has been to two shows - twice graded 'Very Promising' and Best Baby - at Lausanne in Switzerland and at Kortrijk in Belgium.

Well done kids!

Ridley Ulicnik