A Busy Weekend!

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The National Terrier Show is the big one for terrier exhibitors, far more important even than Crufts. We had a busy day, as Ulrika and Anika had both qualified for the Open Show Pup of the Year competition, then I showed Pamatka, Tomáš and Ulrika in the breed classes. They all did well, but I was especially proud of Tomáš as it's a long time since I have seen him, as he lives with Margaret in Surrey. He went beautifully, won his class and finished as Reserve Best Dog. Pamatka was 2nd in Open to the eventual BOB (a daughter of Ridley Oslava), and had RBB, whilst Ulrika was BP.

In the evening I went to see Erik's latest litter and very nice they are too. They are nearly four weeks old, and already developing their own personalities. Either Mr Green or Mr Blue (he's the one squashed under all the others) will soon be part of the Ridley gang.

The following day we went to an Open Show where Ulrika took not only BP, but also BOB, then followed up by winning both the Adult and Puppy Groups. She was one tired little girl when she got home - but had quite recovered her energy by the following morning!