It is a great privilege to be asked to pass an opinion on the dogs owned by others
I have to confess that judging is not my favourite occupation! I much prefer taking my own dogs to a show. However I do feel that as a breeder/exhibitor and enthusiast of the Cesky Terrier for more than twenty years I owe it to the breed to give something back, and from time to time I do accept judging appointments.

I have been fortunate to judge not only in the UK, but also at various shows in Europe.

Twister Kvitko Komidion

In 2002 I judged Cesky Terriers at the Scottish KC August Show. My BOB was Twister Kvitko Komidion, arguably the dog that has contributed most to the development of the breed in the UK.

Photo by John Hartley

Gayteckels Highflyer

Amongst the most memorable appointments are National Terrier, 2004, where my BOB was Gayteckels Highflyer, who has since added the titles Jersey Champion and Prix d'Honneur to her name.

Diana Bohemia Regent

I have twice judged the Horak Memorial Competition in the Czech Republic. In 2002 my winner was Diana Bohemia Regent.

I had a lovely entry at the Finnish Terrier Club Show in 2009. The Breeders' Group was won by the Cantabile Cesky Terriers

At the World Terrier Show, held in Denmark in 2010, my BOB was Angel Eyes Day Break

To be asked to officiate at the Czech Club Show is the highest honour a Cesky Terrier judge can be given. This was my privilege in 2011, and my BOB was Cz Ch Casandra Orest Kalimera