Gloria Kvitko

'Glorious Gloria'
Although she has now retired from the show ring BISS Cz Jun Ch Gloria Kvitko KV'06, ShCM, WVW'11, bred by Jitka Paulinova and Best In Show at the Czech Club Show, Hrdonov 2006, is still the boss at Ridley. On August 6th 2007 she whelped a litter of three puppies (1 male, 2 bitches) to Woodstrode Artuš.

Sire: Cz Ch Lotr Kvitko
Dam: Cz Ch Palava Ginoch's Kvitko
DoB: June 14th 2001

Czech Junior Champion
3 x CAC, 1 x CACIB
Klubovy Vitez '06
UK Championship Shows:
10 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 2 x Group Shortlist
1 x Veteran Group 1
Top Dog (DW Points) 2008
Eye Test - Clear: 15/3/08
Bonitace: 20/7/03
DNA Profiled
Patella Luxation: 0/1 (Putnam 1968 Scoring System) - tested at 9 years old!
COI (10 gen): 80.3547%
Heart Test - Clear Certificate: 25/9/10
KC Good Citizen, Silver Award

RBIS: Sporting Terrier of Yorks
Photo by Keith Holroyd

Some of Gloria's UK critiques:
Boston, January 2008
Such a lovely bitch, lovely head and expression, moved well with correct topline and drive. I have never seen her look better. BB and BOB
(Judge: Steve Fewings)

West Midland Terrier, February 2008

I just loved this bitch who at 6yrs old is in her prime, she is as her name implies just "Glorious". In my humble opinion she epitomises Cesky from the top of her feminine typy head to the tip of her correctly shaped and well carried tail.Top quality bitch with a beautiful outline, her movement is a joy, so sound fore and aft she covers the ground fluently with ease. BOB
(Judge: Michelle Barnett)

National Terrier, April 2008
If you ever want to feel a perfect rib ask the owner to go over this bitch, it is superb. She fits her name, a glorious example of Cesky. Moves more than adequately but there could be more there with some more muscle & then she’d be virtually unstoppable. BB
(Judge: Harold Gay)

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, April 2008
6 years grey bitch of great quality, most impressive of heads, balanced, dark eyed, feminine with really strong teeth, strong neck, straight parallel front, perfect topline & good tailset, a really well balanced bitch who moved freely & easily round the ring. BOB
(Judge: Roger Cruden)

Newark & Notts, May 2008
Top quality bitch, good all round, with good coat, lovely head and expression, cracking front, lovely body of nice length and rise to loins, good quarters, correct well set tail, moved true with good drive BAVNSC
(Judge: Alan Small)

Stafford & Birmingham, May 2008
Excelled in type, in excellent well-muscled condition, well arched relatively long skull, powerful neck, well laid shoulders, level back with slight rise over the loin, round well arched feet, correct coat texture and trim. BOB & G3
(Judge: Richard Stafford)

Three Counties, June 2008
The complete package, really lovely bitch with all the quality you could wish for. BOB
(Judge: Marion Reeves)
Final 6 of Terrier Group
(Judge: Jack Watson)

Blackpool, June 2008
Really good bitch, shows so well, feminine in head, strong jaw, correct neck, well laid shoulder, legs straight enough, very good feet, correct chest, well ribbed, has enough rise in topline, well bent stifle, high set hocks.BOB
(Judge: Jeff Horswell)
Typy and sound - Final 8 of Terrier Group
(Judge: Zena Thorn-Andrews)

Bournemouth, August 2008
Strong class provided quality and this one was worth waiting for. Presented and handled so well, and put in a perfect round when on the move with lovely lines, balance all through and true gait fore and aft, scored in head, neck and shoulders, so well made, nice shape and size. BOB
(Judge: Roger Thomas)

Scottish Kennel Club, August 2008
Lovely type, oozes quality, pleasing head, well set ears, dark eye, correct bite with big strong teeth, nice furnishings, correct length of neck to well ribbed body, nice feet, went with drive showing the correct profile with good tail carriage, pleasure to go over her. BOB
(Judge: Alan Small)

City of Birmingham, September 2008
Lovely type, correct head and ears, well placed shoulders, good rib with slight tuck-up, strong quarters and straight hocks which she used on the move with correct topline. BOB
(Judge: Dorothy Quelch)

Darlington, September 2008
Excellent type, good overall balance, attractive head and expression, good neck and shoulders, looked well in profile, moved & showed well. RBB
(Judge: Jack Watson)
Lovely overall conformation, good head, firm neck on well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, nice deep chest, firm loin of good length, well constructed quarters, altogether presented a lovely picture, made light work of the not so good ground conditions, moved well, close call for overall winner. Veteran Group 1
(Judge: Denys Simpson)

Photo by John Jackson

Driffield, September 2008

Super head and eye, good front and feet, nice topline and quarters, lovely ribs, so sound, presented in tip-top condition, a great show girl. BOB
(Judge: Peter Chappell)

Photo by Keith Holroyd

Lincoln, November 2008
Another lovely Cesky from this kennel who is still just as nice as when I judged her last time. BVIG
(Judge: Sue Holroyd)

Boston, January 2009
7 years quality bitch, in excellent condition, lovely coat, sound construction, good topline, correct tail carriage, moved freely. RBB
(Judge: Eileen Foy)

West Midland Terrier, February 2009
Nice feminine bitch with an ideal head, excellent front, well laid shoulders, nicely placed elbows, prominent topline which held on move, good angulation in rear, moved with drive, perfect in profile. BOB
(Judge: Russell Marett)

West Midland Terrier, February 2010
Delightful bitch in super condition and attentive to her handler. Has a well-balanced head, correct ears, eyes well set giving lovely expression, neck of good length showing elegant head carriage, shoulders well laid with straight forelegs, has correct length of body with well-arched loin, her quarters strong and muscular with correct hock giving the desired driving movement. BVIS, BIS3
(Judge: Ann Bradley)

CRUFTS, March 2010
Quality bitch, good length of head, well placed ears, super topline, in good coat, moved and showed well. BV
(Judge: Shirley Watson)

Photo by Gabi Hajnova

National Terrier, April 2010
I have always used ths bitch as my Standard template, she doesn't disappoint when going over her; head strong without any trace of coarseness, lean neck on well laid shoulders, well ribbed, correct rise to topline, good bone, well angled hind, just wasn't moving out in the class, but really got a 'hustle in her bustle' when she was called back in for reserve best bitch, so it pleased me greatly to reward her change in attitude. RBB
(Judge: Sharon Clark)

Windsor, June 2010
At 9 years this bitch gives the performance of half the age which is a tribute to the breed, well ribbed back, topline, muscled, head on, excels in movement, the best here. BB & BV
(Judge: Peter Eva)

Leeds, July 2010
Best class of the day for depth of quality. Lovely type, beautiful size and balance, lovely head. Not the front action of winner. RBB
(Judge: Frank Kane)

Darlington, September 2010
Lovely type, good head proportions, good eye, nice neck and shoulders, good body and topline, moved soundly with reach and drive. RBB & BV
(Judge: Jill Peak)

Grantham, October 2010
9 years old and certainly doesn't look it. Good head and expression, correct eye and ear carriage, good mouth. Good reach of neck into well-placed shoulders, good topline, nicely rounded behind, well muscled quarters, good tailset, lovely outline. Moved very well both fore and aft. BTV
(Judge: Renee Moules)

Midland Counties, October 2010
Very good head and eye, large nose pad and good length of neck with well laid shoulders, strong muscular body with adequate loin and very typical topline, strong driving rear action, in excellent form for her age. BOB
(Judge: Tom Mather)

Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire, November 2010
9 years old, in lovely condition, good outline and overall balance, good head and ears, well placed shoulder, good ribs and body, good well angulated hindquarters, moves very well. BVIS
(Judge: Peter Bakewell)

Sleaford, December 2010
Lovely conformation, beautiful head with dark eye, good tail carriage, silky, shiny coat, moved with drive, propelled herself round the ring like a youngster. BTV, RBVIS
(Judges: Roger Ward/Stuart Plane)

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society, January 2011
Really appealing example of this breed who demonstrates quite clearly the vigorous movement required by the standard, presented in fine fettle, head was sufficiently long with a keen, friendly eye, ears close and well set, well muscled loins with rise over, well set tail and well arched feet. Simply enjoyed her day and gave her owner 100%. BTV
(Judge: Tony Allcock)

CRUFTS, March 2011
Presented in fantastic condition for age, truly feminine with distinct expression, nicely balanced head with strong bite and exceptionally good dentition for age, decent front, well arched neck, genuine topline, strong hindquarters, well set and carried tail, moved with purpose and showed very well. BVB
(Judge: Andreas Schemel)

Photo by Mia Svard

National Terrier, April 2011
Took my eye on entering the ring, super shape for her age, so very sound all round, good body and super coat, turned out so well, moved as the wind -so free. BOB
(Judge: Allan P Stephenson)

Scottish Kennel Club,May 2011
Compact bitch, with a lovely head and expression, good eye and well set and carried ears, she has determination in movement and you would never guess that she is nearly 10, for she shows a clean heel to the youngsters! Loved her outline from her excellent well made neck and shoulders to her good strong topline and well set and carried tail through her well muscled, strong hindquarters. She holds her topline on the move where she comes alive, lovely bone and strong front feet, good depth and width to ribs, still in good coat of the correct texture and presentation. BOB
(Judge: Pam Blay)

WORLD DOG SHOW, Paris, June 2011

World Veteran Winner

Photo by RBT

Bury Sporting Terrier, October 2011
10 years and looks nowhere near that age, correct outline, fabulous condition and stylish in action. BVIS
(Judge: Patsy Hollings)

Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire, November 2011
Lovely head and expression, correct topline, good front and moved with conviction. BVIS & BIS4
(Judge: Keith Holroyd)

CRUFTS, March 2012
Well balanced with a good head and expression, nice lay of shoulder, moved freely, she has a lovely outline which she kept on the move. BVB
(Judge: Jack Watson)

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, April 2012
I judged her at her first show in Great Britain some years ago, I later found out this was to be her last show at nearly 11 years of age, she will be missed. Correct size with good bone, well balanced head and good ear carriage, moved with drive, has never lost her quality. BVIS
(Judge: Roger Crooks)
11 years young belies her years, feminine head, good eye shape & ears, lovely body, bone & feet shown in lovely coat & condition, sound mover, a credit to her owner. In agreement with my fellow judge BVIS
(Judge: Colin Woodward)

Gloria's Retirement Party

Cz Ch Lotr Kvitko
Ben Prasek
Echo Lovu zdar
Fuga del Monte
Gracia zum Lichtenrader Hof
Echo Lovu zdar
Ambra Laraff
Cz Ch Palava Ginoch's Kvitko
Chram Kvitko
Ben Prasek
Gracia zum Lichtenrader Hof
Kulicka Ginoch's Kvitko
Ben Prasek
Elita Kvitko